Simple Gifts

Harlequin American Romance #1134

By Shelley Galloway

October 2006

Contemporary Romance

Tessa McGuiry felt the need for more in her life. More what was the question. She was working in a boutique for a demanding designer who didn't appreciate her talents, and she wanted to give back more to her community.

Then she finds a young boy in the alley behind the boutique. Learning of the situation he and his mother were living in, Tessa immediately began to help. Not only by opening her home to the son while his mother recuperated from an illness, but also opening her heart as well.

Keaton Phillips knew to stay away from Tessa. She was exactly the type of woman he wanted to avoid - selfish, a socialite. When Tessa comes to him for guidance, he can't turn her away, not only because he is a cop, but because of Tessa herself. As they spend more time together, Keaton quickly learns he wants to have Tessa in his life.

Simple Gifts is a perfect representation of a Harlequin American Romance. The hero and heroine are two people who are caring and giving. Tessa is a heroine who while helping two people find a way to stand on their own feet again, must come to terms with the career choices she has made. The characters, primary and secondary, are complex and are engaging to the reader. We want to know what happens to them. Shelley Galloway has written a book with gentle charm and warmth. Simple Gifts is a gift to readers.

Kathy Andrico -