The Good Mother

Harlequin American Romance #1183

By Shelley Galloway

October 2007

Contemporary Romance

Evie Ray Randall was returning to the place of summer memories. As a child, her family had spent summers in Bishop's Gate, Florida. She had enjoyed the coast, the air, and mostly August Meyer. He would always be there when she returned each summer. Then they'd had a scare one summer, and she'd never returned.

Seeing Evie, August knew he'd always been waiting for her to return. He had hoped that she would return to Florida, go to school here, and they would have a life together. Instead, she had gone to school somewhere else, married someone else, and had had someone else's children.

Now Evie was back in Bishop's Gate for a summer, and she and August were falling back into their familiar camaraderie. But they were children no longer. Evie had two children and a life back in Texas. She couldn't separate them from that life. Although John may have divorced her, there was no doubt how very much he loved their girls. August now ran the family resort. His mother was also older and in frail health. Would this be able to be more than a summer romance?

The Good Mother is yet another feel-good romance by Shelley Galloway. She wrote what was basically a simple love story - two people who had known each other for years, and fell in love, grew up and apart, and have found each other again. They know each other so well. However, it is the complexity of their lives which makes this story. Evie and August would love to be together, but their conflicting lives may just keep them apart. August wants Evie to simply move to Bishop's Gate. It is where her family is, she loves it there, and she doesn't seem to be living happily at home. However, as the title indicates, Evie is a good mother. She knows she can't disrupt her daughters' lives to such a great extent just because she has fallen in love again. They must come first. I hope that Ms Galloway decides to write additional stories or possibly a story for August's sister, and Evie's brother.

Kathy Andrico -