Meant To Be

Visitation, North Carolina Series - Book 6

Short Story in In Bloom Anthology

By Lori Foster

Zebra Books - May 2022

Contemporary Romance

In Bloom Anthology consists of three stories celebrating mothers. Each stands on its own. The three stories are a fiction short story Amazing Gracie by Fern Michaels, and two romance short stories, Meant To Be by Lori Foster and The Mother's Day Crown by Carolyn Brown.

Cory Creed had always known she would marry Austin Winston. It had been when they were still children that she had shared her knowledge, much to her everlasting chagrin. For since that day, Austin had meticulously tried to prove her wrong. The trouble with having the ability to see the future that someone else fought so hard against was the knowledge of the happiness she was being denied.

It was time to move on.

The town put on a great Mother’s Day party, and Austin should have been enjoying himself. Instead, something was wrong. For once, it appeared that Cory was actively avoiding him, and Austin didn't like that one bit. Cory had always been there, always been a part of their family, and he was beginning to realize that she was a big part of who he was. Learning that she was blocking her abilities and planning to start anew somewhere else, Austin knows what he has to do. Cory may have had years understanding what the future held for them, and he may be new to desiring that, but Austin would use all his skills to heal the rift his reticence had caused, and help Cory embrace the abilities that helped make her one of the most amazing women he knew.

Meant To Be is a sweet romance of healing, friendship and romance. I loved all the characters and their interactions, and meddling, with one another. I found Cory's ability fascinating and enjoyed watching Austin help her embrace her abilities. I hadn't read the romances of either of the parents, but definitely plan to do so. This was a lovely romance perfect for a Mother's Day anthology

Kathy Andrico -


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