When Bruce Met Cyn

Visitation, North Carolina Series - Book 3

By Lori Foster

Zebra - July 2004

Contemporary Romance

Cyn Potter did whatever she needed to survive. First, she had attacked a man who was going to harm her. Then on her own as a young adult, she had become a prostitute. But those days were now behind her. She had vowed not to sell herself, and she was moving somewhere new where nobody would know about her past. Visitation, North Carolina would be her new home.

Bruce Kelly was a pastor, but he did more than preach God's message. He lived a life helping others. He'd been helping former prostitutes create new lives for themselves, and knew of the challenges and traumas many of them had been trying to escape. He could see similar experiences in Cyn's eyes. But he saw so much more. He saw a survivor. She had learned to depend on only one person, but he wanted to help her lower her defenses and accept others' help. His own, and his friends'. People who were becoming her friends.

But it was much more than friendship Bruce wanted with Cyn. He might be a pastor, but he was a man who wanted Cyn as his wife. He just needed to convince her that her past didn't matter, it was the decisions she made now that did.

With When Bruce Met Cyn, readers might not expect to see a trademark Lori Foster romance, but they are proven wrong. Bruce is a hero, maybe not quite the typical Lori Foster alpha hero, but a hero who knows exactly what woman he wants. And he is the perfect hero for Cyn, accepting, but challenging her to grow into a strong independent heroine perfect for him. It might be part of the Visitation series, and you can tell that certain couples had previous books, but it does stand on its own.

Kathy Andrico - KathysReviewCorner.com


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