Fighting Dirty

Ultimate Series - Book 4

By Lori Foster

HQN - March 2016

Contemporary Romance

Fighting Dirty is the fourth story in Lori Foster's Ultimate series. This series is tied to multiple series. Primarily, it is closely tied to her most recent series, Love Undercover. However, the fighters in this new series are part of the SBC, and so the stories are also tied to her SBC Fighter series. If you want to read everything in order, start with SBC, then read Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor series, which ties into Love Undercover. Then there is Hard Knocks, the prequel to this new series.

All their friends realized it, but Merissa Colter had never been able to get Armie Jacobson to acknowledge that there was anything more between them than her being his best friend's little sister. She had tried to move on, find someone else. That relationship flopped. When the bank she worked at was robbed, it had been lucky that Armie had been there at the same time. He'd been her hero, as she'd always known him to be. And it had only been in his arms that she'd wanted to spend the night.

Despite his past months of celibacy, Armie had never been a prude, but he didn't want word to get out about him and Merissa. Not that anything had happened that night. He knew his past, what he had done, and even what he hadn't, could always rear its ugly head. Then there was his best friend, and hard as it was to believe, it appeared that possibly Cannon was maneuvering to have the two of them together.

Cannon apparently thought he was good enough for Merissa. Merissa had made her intentions clear. The only holdout was Armie himself, and whether he would shake off the ghosts of his past and choose to fight for his future.

Fighting Dirty delivers exactly what readers except. After all, this is Armie's story, and the ladies all love him - for a reason. Armie, however, is done with all of them, and has set his sights on Merissa. Merissa proves herself to be his perfect heroine, willing to fight for Armie. And just as the title conveys, they are both willing to fight dirty. Fighting Dirty is the final story in Lori Foster's Ultimate series, but readers shouldn't fret, as her next series will follow familiar characters.

Kathy Andrico -


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