Hard Knocks

Ultimate Series - Prequel

By Lori Foster

HQN - August 2014

Contemporary Romance

Hard Knocks is a prequel to Lori Foster's new Ultimate series. This new series is tied to multiple series. Primarily, it is closely tied to her most recent series, Love Undercover. However, the fighters in this series are part of the SBC, and so the stories are also tied to her SBC Fighter series. If you want to read everything in order, start with SBC, then read Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor, which ties into Love Undercover. However, when it comes to Hard Knocks, this story does stand completely on its own.

Gage Ringer had one goal. Keep everyone from knowing his inner turmoil. Just one little mistake, and he was missing a golden fight opportunity. Tonight, he needed the right facade to keep everyone from knowing his true thoughts. He was helping at the rec center, and would watch and root for the fighters. Even the one fighting in his place.

He had one goal, that is, until Harper Gate's arrival. She seemed to have avoided him since his return, but then she seemed so blase when she talked to him. They'd had the start of a relationship when he'd had to leave for training, maybe not yet intimate, but it had been close. Now she acted as if nothing had ever happened. Then she offered to help him fake it for the night.

Harper's heart had broken when Gage left, but she'd understood he needed to train. Then time passed, and he'd never contacted her. Now she teased him for looking pathetic and offered to help him put on a show for the others. Prove to everyone that he had no regrets for not fighting that night and that he had someone much more tantalizing to focus on instead.

Of course, neither of them are faking the attraction between them, and Gage quickly realizes that the biggest mistake he'd made wasn't the one that cost him the fight. It was the one where he'd almost lost this incredible woman.

Hard Knocks is the perfect introduction to Lori Foster's Ultimate series. This is really a reunion story. Gage had left for training, and focused solely on that. Now, he has returned and must face the consequences. When he sees Harper, he realizes that his feelings are so much more than he'd previously believed. Also, we are introduced to several fighters at the rec center. They are all entertaining and I am eager to learn more about each of them as the series progresses.

Kathy Andrico - KathysReviewCorner.com


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