The Summer Of No Attachments

By Lori Foster

HQN - July 2021

Contemporary Romance

Ivey Anders had broken up with Geoff, and she was looking forward to no commitments. No boyfriend. A summer of no attachments. It would just be her and her old cat. Of course, there would always be Hope Mage, her co-worker who had become like a younger sister to her. So when Hope decides to check into renting a guesthouse from a single father, Ivey goes for moral support, never expecting to find a challenge to all her summer plans.

Corbin Meyer had to make recent changes in his life. He'd just received custody of a son he had never known, and now they were learning to get to know and trust one another. It was obvious Justin's mother had lacked many parenting skills, but at least she had finally made one good decision in calling him. He was happy to have a renter for the guest house, but he never expected the thrill he felt when he met Ivey

Hope had lost so much, but the one thing she had gained in life was her friendship with Ivey. She was one of the few people she could rely on to keep her secrets and not judge her. She was uncomfortable with most men, but when she meets Lang Meyer, she's unsettled in an entirely new way.

Lang had come to meet his nephew, but he was equally fascinated with his brother's tenant. It was obvious both had traumatic pasts and were tentative with strangers, and he was determined to wade carefully.

The Summer of No Attachments is the perfect summer romance read. Ivey is a fierce heroine who quickly discards her no commitment summer when she discovers the perfect family with Corbin and Justin. She is a protector of animals and people, willing to drop anything for an injured animal, help Hope feel comfortable, or ease Justin into his new life. Corbin is the perfect hero uprooting his life for the son he just learned about. As does Lang. From the moment he meets Hope, he is in tune with Hope and her needs. That doesn't make Hope a weak heroine. She is a strong woman who has just needed time to care for some wounds, knows what she needs, and is willing to ask for help. The Summer of No Attachments is filled with family, animals, friendships and romance. There is also a nod to The Somerset Girls which is certain to please.

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