The Somerset Girls

By Lori Foster

HQN - May 2020

Contemporary Romance

Autumn and Ember Somerset may be sisters who shared a home, sometimes their work, and a farm that homed rescued animals, but that was where their similarities ended. That was fine. They might not have the same personalities, but they fiercely loved, challenged, defended, and understood each other.

Autumn was quiet, more reserved, and when Ember learned that Autumn's old high school crush had returned to town, she set up an appointment for the two to meet.

Tash Ducker had returned to the town he knew would be a good place for him and his daughter Sadie to settle. Sadie was dealing with the death of her mother, and Tash was slowly gaining Sadie's trust. He wanted to hire Autumn and Ember to create a child's paradise for Sadie. Not only would that give her something to look forward to, but it would also give a bit of stability. Soon, it was spending more time with Autumn that he was looking forward to. As was Sadie, but she also looked forward to the cow, pigs, dog, and general chaos of the farm.

Ember might be the wild child, the free-spirit, but Autumn knew the pain that lived deep inside her sister. She hoped their only employee might just be the one to break through Ember's defenses. She could see her sister's interest in their employee Mike Brewer was reciprocated, and he didn't back down from the challenge that was Ember.

The Somerset Girls is a sweet story with two sisters finding healing and love. The town had witnessed Autumn being stood up at her wedding. While not a pleasant event, not getting married had been the best thing to happen to her. The only good from Tash's marriage had been Sadie. It was sweet watching Sadie come out of her shell, and create friendships with Autumn, Ember and their parents. Autumn and Tash's romance grows as they both overcome the obstacles of their pasts. Ember hasn't shared the pain she feels, but Mike is persistent and willing to ignore her barbs. Two Lori Foster romances in one, what an enjoyable read.

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