The Honeymoon Cottage

By Lori Foster

HQN - May 2022

Contemporary Romance

Always the wedding planner, never the bride. That was Yardley Belanger's life. She knew how to make the perfect wedding for everyone, she knew what would make the perfect wedding for herself. She had a bucket of wishes, but no potential groom. There weren't many options in their small town, and in her line of work, the single men she met weren't single for long. That was until Travis Long walked through the door.

Travis wanted to make sure his sister, Sheena, had the wedding of her dreams, and if she believed that Yardley could deliver, then Yardley was hired. With Sheena's fiance busy with work, Travis found himself joining Sheena with the wedding planner. Yardley proved to be knowledgeable and adept at providing Sheena with options that met her wishes. She was also a woman who cared about her town, and helping the local businesses. The more he got to know Yardley, she proved to be more than just the perfect wedding planner for Sheena. She was perfect for him.

The Honeymoon Cottage is a small town romance with lots of characters causing mischief, helping one another, fighting for one cause or another, and in general, providing an entertaining read. I enjoyed Yardley's main nemesis, the name of their town. After all, she owned Cemetery Weddings - hard to believe it was a successful business. Travis was a wonderful hero, both with Sheena and Yardley. It was lovely to see both relationships grow and change as the story progressed.

Kathy Andrico -


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