Do You Hear What I Hear?

SWAT Guys Series - Book 2

Short Story in A Very Merry Christmas Anthology

By Lori Foster

Brava - October 2006

Contemporary Romance

Sure Osbourne Decker thought Marci Churchill was hot, but how exactly was he supposed to answer when fellow SWAT team member Lucius Ryder asks him his opinion. After all, Lucius is married to Marci's sister - her identical sister. That was how Ozzie had met Marci. He'd thought she was hot, but after seeing her a few times, he knew she was looney. She talked to birds. She conversed with dogs. There was no way he wanted to have to see her again, and he had no intention of doing so for Lucius.

But he agrees - maybe it was because he was exhausted. All he wanted to do was go to sleep, but on his way home, he finds out about a theft - and he knows that Marci is the culprit.

Marci couldn't not help an animal in need. She didn't hear them speak, so much as understand their needs. And that donkey included in the Nativity scene had needed her help. She also needed Ozzie. Not just in bed, but to help her take the donkey back where it belonged. If only she could ignore just how sexy Ozzie was. After all, his opinion of her always broadcast quite clearly on his face, and it was disconcerting to want a man who considered her crazy. She wasn't - she just had a special gift with animals. She'd learned long ago not to trust people with the knowledge of her ability. Only her sister had ever truly supported her. Ozzie had already proven that he didn't.

Do You Hear What I Hear was a sexy romance between two people who wanted each other, but needed a little push to finally come together. Ozzie hadn't accepted Marci for who she was. He couldn't completely avoid her, and he hadn't stopped thinking about her, or wanting her. He might care for animals, and abhor cruelty to them, but he just couldn't believe the stories Marci told. It would take a bit of patience, understanding, and time rescuing a donkey before realizing that maybe it was he who was the crazy one - crazy for not believing her gentle spirit could touch animals in a unique way, crazy for trying to leave her, and simply crazy for Marci. Although it can be read alone, I suggest also reading Bethany's story in Luscius.

Kathy Andrico -