SWAT Guys Series - Book 1

Short Story in Bad Boys of Summer Anthology

By Lori Foster

Brava - June 2006

Contemporary Romance

Bethany Churchill was staying with her twin sister, needing a few days of peace, quite, and the absence of the opposite sex. That was all blown away when Sergeant Lucius Ryder came knocking. Granted he did own the apartment building, and she technically wasn't allowed to spend the night, but who did he think he was? She was sleeping over at her sister's...big deal. Luscious, er Lucius, should be minding his own business, stop making fun of her sister, and start behaving in a manner more appropriate of his position as a law officer - which would hopefully then make him less enticing.

Lucius might need Marci, but he wanted Bethany. He had never had any problems telling the twins apart - Marci he adored and teased, Bethany he wanted in his bed, or anywhere, now. And he had no qualms in telling her, much to her endearing chagrin. First, he needed Marci to help him with Hero, a dog he'd adopted after it'd earned that name. Then, this cop in raunchy t-shirts intended to prove to Bethany that, identical though she and her sister may be, she was the only one he wanted.

Luscious was an entertaining classic Lori Foster read. With a cast of engaging characters, it sweeps the readers from a hostage situation to an animal rescue complete with an animal psychic, to a sexy romance certain to satisfy. Lucius may have earned his nickname in looks and attitude, but he is a hero in career and at heart. He is perfect for a heroine who has always felt overshadowed by the twin she adores. Be sure to follow with Marci's story in Do You Hear What I Hear.

Kathy Andrico -