Sisters of Summer's End

Summer Resort Series - Book 2

By Lori Foster

HQN - June 2019

Contemporary Romance

Joy Lee had everything she needed in life. Her own home, and a job she enjoyed that provided for her and her son Jack. She knew she had been lucky to find this job, even luckier that the people she worked with at the resort were so nice. In fact, after years of insulating herself, she was slowly emerging and making friendships. One in particular, with store and cafe owner Maris Kennedy. And Maris was pushing Joy further out of her shell towards the new owner of the local drive-in.

Royce Nakirk knew that running the drive-in would take hard work, but he didn't realize how much he would anticipate coordinating combined activities until he met Joy. Soon, it wasn't shared events that he was seeking her out for.

Maris loved her life at the resort, and the friends who had become her family, but Daron Hardy was one irritant she's been trying to ignore. After urging Joy to take a chance on Royce, Maris has to decide if its time to take her own advice.

Lori Foster returns to her Summer Resort series with Sisters of Summer's End. Joy and Maris may not be sisters in blood, but they have decided they are sisters of the heart. And heart is the core of this story. There is Joy's love for her son, and the decisions she's had to make in his best interest. Maris's love she shares with all in their community. And the romance between Joy and Royce which of course includes Royce's love for her son, and the secondary romance of Maris and Daron.

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