All Fired Up

Road To Love Series - Book 3

By Lori Foster

HQN - November 2019

Contemporary Romance

Mitch Crews had come to meet his brothers. Before he had that chance, he came to the aid of an attractive young lady, only to discover that his half-brothers were hers, which was disconcerting. But Charlotte Parrish was an honorary family member, having been brought into the family when she'd lost her own. Which made his instant attraction to her much more comfortable, until he was forced to meet Brodie and Jack, with whom they shared a father, much sooner than he expected. Even more startling was meeting their mother Ros, who took one look at him, and quickly pulled him into their family regardless of how he might protest. For he didn't have an untarnished past. He had done time, he'd lived a hard life, and he had only intended to come long enough to meet his brothers.

Finding brothers who accepted him was unexpected. Finding a woman who treated him as a son, was surreal when he had been the parent to his drug addicted mother. Finding Charlotte, well she was the woman who could make all his unacknowledged dreams come true.

Charlotte had never had much in the way of male interest. And not just because Brodie and Jack looked out for her as any overprotective big brothers would. She just hadn't found any of the local options to her liking. Then Mitch arrived, and she responded to this Crews male unlike she had any other male she'd known. She knew he was overwhelmed with the family's welcome, and he wanted to protect everyone from the past that continued to follow him. She was patient, after all, the best things in life were worth waiting for.

All Fired Up is my favorite story of the Crews brothers. The little caring Mitch has experienced in life has been from a mostly absent father. I enjoyed seeing him learn to accept the different aspects of love, that of a mother, a sibling, and finally a woman. Charlotte was an enjoyable heroine, sweet and loving, while still fiercely loyal and independent. She was the perfect heroine to help Mitch forget his past and focus instead on his future. One with her and his new extensive family. All Fired Up is the third story in Lori Foster's Road to Love series.

Kathy Andrico -


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