Slow Ride

Road To Love Series - Book 2

By Lori Foster

HQN - March 2019

Contemporary Romance

Ronnie had come to offer Jack Crews a job. She intended that he not accept the offer her two bosses were insisting she make. She was fully capable of working by herself to drive and handle the transactions for her bosses' newest acquisitions. However, they insisted, and that was how she found herself in town.

From the moment Ronnie and Jack meet, the sparks fly. But they fly even hotter when she learns exactly who the man was. She would not enter any type of relationship with him, personal or business. She would make the offer, he would reject, and she would happily be on her way - on her own.

Jack's brother already did similar work for someone else, and Jack was well aware of the dangerous situations Ronnie could be facing. He was also intrigued by the prickly Ronnie, and knew that time alone on the road could be just what they needed.

Slow Ride is the second in Lori Foster's new Road to Love series. Ronnie is very standoffish and doesn't connect with people except in a superficial manner and it was hard to connect with her. However, Jack is a typical Lori Foster hero stepping in and able to be the hero that Ronnie needs. I enjoyed the time with Jack's family, but even more, the storyline of the kitten they rescue and its relationship with the dog that had been rescued in book one. I am definitely interested in the third story coming soon.

Kathy Andrico -


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