Driven To Distraction

Road To Love Series - Book 1

By Lori Foster

HQN - November 2018

Contemporary Romance

From the moment Mary Daniels saw Brodie Crews, she knew he wasn't right for the job. She wanted his slicker brother, but neither man allowed her to make the change. She had been there to hire Brodie, and Brodie was the man she would be stuck with. The thought of hours alone with Brodie disturbed her, when she made a point of never allowing anything, or anyone, to get the better of her.

Brodie was intrigued with Mary regardless of the sass coming from her. He knew she was interested in him, but he also could tell she held herself back from relationships. Even though she was hired by an eccentric, very rich man who had turned his staff into family, Mary remained apart. He could tell she was protecting herself from pains of the past, and was determined to unlock her secrets and help her. And not just with relationships with her friends and him. They were hired to retrieve items for her boss's collection, and it was becoming obvious there was someone out there determined to stop them from making the acquisitions.

In Driven to Distraction, a new cast of characters are introduced in Lori Foster's new Road to Love series. I enjoyed watching as Brodie picked at Mary's resolve and slowly helped her overcome her reservations. She transformed into someone who felt worthy of, and trustful of, her friendships. Brodie was the perfect hero for her. I loved Mary's interactions with Brodie's family and look forward to seeing them in more stories. Luckily, the next story is right around the corner.

Kathy Andrico -


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