Caught In the Act

PI & Men to the Rescue Series - Book 3

By Lori Foster

Harlequin - September 2001


Reissued in Up In Flames Anthology

Harlequin HQN - June 2014

Contemporary Romance

Up In Flames is an anthology containing two Lori Foster reprints. Caught in the Act was initially issued as a single title and was the third story in the PI trilogy. Although there were some spoilers from the previous stories, this book does stand on its own. The trilogy has since expanded into the PI and Men to the Rescue Series.

Delilah Piper always got wrapped up in her thoughts, but she never expected to one minute be stepping out of the rain and the next be a potential victim in a shooting. Potential being the key word as a complete stranger took the bullet for her. She had her own hero, and she was intent in stepping up and helping him recover. Not that he seemed to lack for caring people. Mick Dawson's "family", all of whom appeared to not be related, was a bit daunting at first to Del, as she personally didn't have a large network of close friends. They quickly eased their way into Delilah's heart, Mick more than the rest.

He had wanted her from the first moment he'd seen her. But she hadn't noticed him. He wasn't surprised by that though. After all, Mick worked undercover and could go unnoticed. When he saw her enter a jewelry store, he decided to make his move. Unfortunately, armed robbers do so at the same time. Mick was more than happy when Del insisted on having him stay with her to recover. He wanted to keep his eye on her, and not just due to their attraction. He was certain she was the main target of the criminals. Luckily, he had not only his fellow officers to investigate, but his close friends were private investigators. Between them all, the truth would come out.

Caught in the Act was the quintessential Lori Foster romance. Passion - check. Humor - double check. Complex engaging cast of characters who you'll love? - triple check. If you haven't read Lori Foster's PI & Men to the Rescue series, then this story will make you want to go out and read them all.

Kathy Andrico -


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