A Perfect Storm

Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor Series - Book 4

By Lori Foster

HQN - April 2012

Contemporary Romance

A Perfect Storm is part of the Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor series involving human trafficking and the mercenaries dedicated to stopping it. Due to character relationships and events that happened prior in the series, I recommend starting at the beginning - with the prequel. First read Ready, Set, Jett, which involves the sister of the heroine of, what is technically Book 1 in the series, When You Dare. Then continue to Trace of Fever . Finally, once you have read Savor the Danger, you will be even more excited to read A Perfect Storm.

Arizona Storm had been irritated with Spencer Lark since the night they met. He'd interfered in the sting she'd been attempting, and then he'd had the gall to steal the revenge she'd so richly deserved to deliver. But that was behind them, and she had a proposition for Spence. She knew the other three men in her life would never accept her plan, but she thought Spence just might accept her terms.

Spencer, not that irritating Spence nickname that Arizona tended to use, was appalled by Arizona's plan. She wanted to use herself as bait, again, in bringing down human traffickers. Why he was surprised, he didn't know, but he did know that with or without his help, Arizona would go in regardless. Jackson Savor had rescued her from imminent death at the hands of such people, and Arizona had no intention of allowing anyone else to remain in such depraved conditions. Spencer understood Jackson's desire to keep her safe with busywork in their company, but Arizona had obviously used her spare time to place herself in dangerous conditions that nobody should go alone. He would help her, he would help rescue those in danger and capture the culprits, but he had no intention of laying a single finger on Arizona.

Arizona was too young for him. She was outrageous. Spencer wasn't sure if maybe she was in love with Jackson, granted Jackson looked at her as a sister, but that didn't guarantee she felt the same. Regardless, Spencer was too old for her. Yeah, absolutely decrepit.

A Perfect Storm was an entertaining addition to Lori Foster's Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor series. Sparks singed everyone from the moment Arizona and Spence met in Savor the Danger - nobody was safe from their verbal, and sometimes physical, confrontations. Although this series was initially said to be a trilogy, there was no question that Arizona and Spence would soon demand their own story - and as a reader, I am very thankful it was sooner, rather than later.

Kathy Andrico - KathysReviewCorner.com


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