Stronger Than You Know

The McKenzies of Ridge Trail Series - Book 2

By Lori Foster

HQN - August 2021

Contemporary Romance

Kennedy Brooks had learned to trust her instincts, and when she returned home from a trip to find the complex on fire, she immediately called Reyes McKenzie. He owned the local gym and they had rescued a cat together. She had known there was more to him than he showed the world, but she'd had no idea of the network he was part of.

Reyes and his family helped fight human trafficking. He, his brother, sister, and father used their considerable resources, financial, physical, and technology, to investigate and rescue people. Now, they were working to help a woman who had piqued Reyes' interest for quite awhile. Kennedy was tough, but she wouldn’t be able to stop the evil after her alone. Together they could identify who was after her, and why. Quickly, Reyes realized that together was something he also wanted with Kennedy, forever.

Stronger Than You Know was an action packed romance. Kennedy is a strong heroine smart enough to know her limitations. Luckily, the McKenzie clan is capable of stepping in to assist. I enjoyed the romance between Kennedy and Reyes. It had been sweet when they rescued the cat in No Holding Back, but even sweeter now to see them finally fall in love. I enjoyed the interaction with Reyes' family and look forward to his sister's story which is next.

Kathy Andrico -


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