No Holding Back

The McKenzies of Ridge Trail Series - Book 1

By Lori Foster

HQN - February 2021

Contemporary Romance

Sterling Parson just wanted to be left alone. She would go to the bar, spend time by herself, and leave. She wasn't there for conversation, interaction, or anything else. Unfortunately, bar owner Cade McKenzie wasn't willing to leave well enough alone. Her instincts had screamed he was more than just a bartender, but then he had to confront her and prove it.

Cade's family had made a life of watching for trouble and Sterling was suddenly part of that mix. While Sterling might once have been trying to help the unfortunate out of bad situations on her own, Cade knew only as part of a team can anyone be a success. She may not realize it, but Cade knew that Sterling was no longer alone. She was now with him.

With No Holding Back, Lori Foster again delves into the world of human trafficking. Luckily Cade's family has the resources to be not only successful, but safe when investigating leads. Unfortunately, Sterling has only her instinct. This leads her into an unsafe situation when using her heart over her head. She was also abrupt and abrasive with people and it was a bit difficult to understand Cade's interest in her. I found Cade's family entertaining and look forward to seeing whose story is next.

Kathy Andrico -


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