Dash of Peril

Love Undercover Series - Book 4

By Lori Foster

HQN - April 2014

Contemporary Romance

Lieutenant Margaret Peterson was used to working undercover, bringing down the bad guys, and demanding respect. She was not used to depending on anyone or having, dare she say it, friends at the precinct. But it appeared that was also the case. At least she needed Dash Riske when she is targeted in an attack. She could allow the sexy construction worker in her home, but he quickly installs himself, regardless what she, or his own brother, her own subordinate, thinks of the situation.

None of the other men in Margo's life saw her as the soft sexy woman Dash knew Margo to be - and that suited Dash just fine. Her career, and her own family, had created a hard facade that Dash was more than happy to penetrate. Knowing that she was in danger put Dash in protective mode. Margo might be a fully competent lieutenant, but Dash knew that one person, man or woman, was safer when others helped. Luckily, the other men in Margo's life were more than capable of stepping in and helping on the investigation, either officially, as Logan and Reese were, or unofficially, as Rowdy was. Even better, in Dash's opinion, was that all these men were happily married. Dash intended to show that Margo could share her softer, sexier side with him while still being the lieutenant commanding respect. He was willing to see all the facets there were to Margo Peterson.

Dash of Peril met expectations. Having seen Margo and Dash interact in the previous stories, there was obviously an attraction that was certain to explode given the right conditions. Add in an attack, an injury, a crime and a possible conspiracy - and readers would get yet another sexy adventure from Lori Foster's Love Undercover series. Margo had spent all her life hiding a certain side of her personality. Only the determined hard nosed police officer, now lieutenant, was who she showed to the world. It would take a very special hero, only Dash, to show her it was alright to leave work at the door, and be another person with him. There is also a glimpse into what is certain to be the start of Ms Fosters' next series - much to the certain delight of readers.

Kathy Andrico - ReaderToReader.com


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