Bare It All

Love Undercover Series - Book 2

By Lori Foster

HQN - May 2013

Contemporary Romance

Detective Reese Bareden had been fascinated by his neighbor Alice Appleton, but her reactions the night an investigation had culminated in his apartment made him suspect there was a back story he needed to investigate. She had been unusually calm, she had her own personal arsenal, and her words, and eyes, were haunted. She was more than just another victim to him. She was a woman he wanted, but he also wanted to be the man who solved all her problems, and healed her wounds. He would investigate any ghosts from her past that tried to come between them.

Alice had been rescued from a horror many women never escape. She now lived her life always watchful, and willing to step in to protect when needed. Alice didn't need Reese to protect her, but she was smart enough to know that he could help her. He would be able to help others who were still trapped. She was also starting to find that she was living again. She had made friends with Reese's partner Logan, Logan's fiancee Pepper, and Pepper's brother Rowdy - that one much to Reese's dismay. But Reese had absolutely nothing to worry about there. Rowdy saw Alice as another sister, someone to protect now that Pepper's own nightmare had ended. Alice had eyes only for Reese, and she worried that once his apartment was cleaned, and any threats were eliminated, he might be gone from her life.

She didn't realize that Reese had absolutely no intention of budging one inch.

Bare It All is a fun adventure with fascinating characters, action, and suspense. This showcases what Lori Foster does best - write engaging characters whose interactions keep readers laughing - just enough to keep the somber investigation from becoming overwhelming. Bare It All is the second in Lori Foster's Love Undercover series, there is a tie to her Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor series that will thrill fans of that series.

Kathy Andrico -


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