Murphy's Law

Law Series - Book 2

By Lori Foster

Zebra - October 2006

Reissued April 2017

Contemporary Romance

Murphy's Law is the second story in Lori Foster's Law series. It is tied closely to Jude's Law and it, and this review, does contain spoilers to that story.

Ashley Miles did not have any extra time in her life. She was too busy with work and school. Quinton Murphy, however, didn't seem to understand this. He kept appearing at the most inopportune times. Even worse, he didn't seem to accept that she wasn't interested. Well, she was indeed interested, more than interested if she was honest with herself, but she just didn't have time. Anyways, she was not rich, still a student, worked menial jobs, and didn't have the body, or style, most men would be attracted to.

Many would think that he was getting nowhere fast, but Quinton knew that sometimes the best things came to those with patience. And Ashley was definitely one of the best. She was funny, quirky, and interesting. The more he got to know her, the more she fascinated him. He didn't care if she didn't have money, he had enough for them both, but he respected her determination to pull herself out from where she had grown up.

Just as things start to get interesting, and not just the wedding of Ashley's best friend May Price to professional fighter, and movie star Jude Jamison, an enemy of theirs reappears only to have Ashley in his sights. Jude and his friend Denny will use all their resources to keep her safe. Quinton, however, knows the safest place for Ashley is with him.

Murphy's Law was an entertaining classic Lori Foster romance. I had not read it before, nor have I read Jude's Law, but it was easy to follow and although it was obviously a sequel, it still felt complete. Ashley is an admirable heroine having been raised, or rather, having lived with two people who did not raise her. She had moved on and was creating a bright new future for herself. Luckily, she happens to find Quinton who compliments her perfectly. I really enjoyed the opportunity to go back and read this story that I had originally missed.

Kathy Andrico -


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