The Love Shack

Indiana Summers Series - Book 3

By Lori Foster

Canary Street Press - June 2024

Contemporary Romance

Berkley Carr had thought she'd escaped her past when she moved to Cemetery, Indiana. She ran the local rescue shelter, The Love Shack. She had made friends, but it was the animals she was devoted to. She craved the anonymity after the scandal she had endured. It was ideal, until she ran into someone from her past.

Lawson Salder knew Berkley's history, but he also knew the truth. They were both lucky to have escaped where they had grown up. Maybe not unscathed, but definitely in a better place. Now they were together again, and Lawson could see the amazing woman the young woman he had once known had turned into. She was caring, an amazing friend to people and animals alike, a champion.

And someone he wanted in his life forever.

The Love Shack is a lovely romance I thoroughly enjoyed. It was wonderful to see Berkley's growth. From seeing her new home as a refuge, to being a full-fledged member of the community. Lawson had always been a hero for her, and I enjoyed watching them find their happily ever after. There are also several engaging characters, and a certain mannequin, all of whom add to the enjoyment. I would love to revisit Cemetery, Indiana again.

Kathy Andrico -


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