The Little Flower Shop

Indiana Summers Series - Book 2

By Lori Foster

Canary Street Press - May 2023

Contemporary Romance

Emily Lucretia had started anew as the town florist after her divorce. She loved Cemetery, except the name, but it was the town's founder's name, and she considered them all lucky not everything had to be named Cemetery anymore. She was close to her aunt and uncle who had raised her after her parents died, and had many friends in town. When Saul Culver, appears to show an interest in her, Emily is somewhat bemused. She was over forty, older than him, and well, he was Cemetery's most eligible bachelor.

Saul Culver had been interested in Emily for awhile, but so far nothing had happened. At times, she seemed oblivious to his flirting. So he made a decision to be obvious, with much more satisfying results. Emily had obligations, as had he, but he was certain they could face everything together.

The Little Flower Shop was a lovely read with engaging characters, a secondary romance, and friendships. I loved watching the evolution of Saul and Emily's relationship. Also, their relationships with others in their town, from Emily's employee who was new to town, to Betty Cemetery who provided much entertainment, were endearing. There are also a couple of surprises later in the story, no spoilers, which still make me chuckle. I really enjoyed this story and look forward to returning to Cemetery, Indiana again soon.

Kathy Andrico -