Hart and Soul

SBC Fighter Series - Book 7

Winston Series - Book 11

Short Story in Double The Heat Anthology

By Lori Foster

Berkley Sensation - December 2009

Contemporary Romance

Lisa Vogle had been trying to track him down. Not that he minded having a woman chase him, but Hart Winston knew for a woman to be so persistent after a one night stand, especially Lisa, it had to be important. What he didn't expect was what she had to tell him, or her reaction when he finally came calling.

She tried to turn him away. Him. Hart Winston. Not that he was vain or anything, but he certainly didn't think they'd had a bad time together to warrant such behavior. Granted he hadn't returned any of her phone calls, but he had a really good reason. He had been gone training to be an SBC Fighter, and it was his twin brother who had been covering for him.

But seeing Lisa again, thinking about her again, made Hart want her again. If only he can convince her. Maybe he might even consider forever after.

Hart and Soul answered the question readers had been wondering for a year... what exactly did Lisa need to tell him? With a bit of cockiness, tempered with enough humility, Hart was an engaging hero dedicated to his family and friends. He is willing to fight not only the good fight, but the battle for his lady's heart.

Hart and Soul is a short story in the Double the Heat anthology. Also included are Breaking the Ice by Deirdre Martin, Double Booked by Elizabeth Bevarly and Original Zin by Christie Ridgway.

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