Worth the Wait

Guthrie Brothers Series - Book #2

By Lori Foster

HQN - August 2017

Contemporary Romance

Hogan Guthrie was finally accepting his life as it was. He might have been a little wild in his dating after learning his wife had been cheating on him, stealing from both him and their son, and then gone and gotten herself killed. But he was steadfast in his determination to try to fix the financial hole she had put him and their son Colt in. He was even willing to work for a harassing boss. That didn't matter. The pay was significant and he needed to help Colt now that his college funds were gone. He even was happy to earn extra income by manning the grill at the local eatery and sparring with Violet Shaw, the owner.

Violet had no need for a man like Hogan in her life. She was aware of his "dating" habits, and wasn't looking to be just another "date". She admired his dedication to his son, and was more than happy to encourage him to work more for her, only because of his secret sauce. His barbecue brought more customers, and more customers meant more money which helped Violet and all her employees. She knew she had to keep an eye on his take charge attitude, not only with her restaurant, but also with her life.

Worth the Wait is aptly named as Violet has been turning Hogan away from her personal life. He had been shattered by his wife's betrayals, and had not been willing to risk any more than casual dating. But he was past that, wanting more in a relationship, but still holding back. Luckily, Violet realizes this is a man worth fighting for. I was happy to see Hogan and Violet finally come together after two books. As with Don't Tempt Me there was a secondary romance. Sheriff Nathan Hawley was most fascinated with his new neighbor Brooklin Sweet, but she has a tendency to rebuff him. He starts to realize that there is a secret she is hiding, and when her life is at risk, Nathan wants to be who she turns to for protection, and not just because of his job.

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