The Christmas Present

The Brava Brothers Series - Book 3

Short Story in I'm Your Santa Anthology

By Lori Foster

Brava - October 2007

Contemporary Romance

Beth Monroe could not believe she'd made such a colossal mistake. After learning that her fiancee had cheated on her, she'd turned to his best friend for a night of passion. That in turn had become a long weekend of satisfying pleasure, and now she had been chased all the way home for Christmas by an irate Levi Masterson.

Having loved Beth for two years, Levi was pissed that Brandon had treated her so shabbily, but he was not going to make the same mistake and let Beth slip through his fingers. It wasn't just the physical relationship that he sought, it was the emotional relationship that he knew he could only have with Beth.

The Christmas Present was my favorite story in the I'm Your Santa Anthology. I adore heroes who are "oh-so-in-love" with their heroines, and Levi epitomizes this. Also, since Beth has just returned home for the holidays, the progression of their disagreement is now being witnessed by her family - whom readers will remember from Never Too Much and Too Much Temptation.

Also in this anthology are Karen Kelley's It's a Wonderful Life and Dianne Castell's Home For Christmas. This is an anthology certain to bring readers into the holiday spirit.

Kathy Andrico -