Body Heat

Short Story in Sizzle Anthology

Harlequin Temptation #739

By Lori Foster

Harlequin - July 1999


Reissued in Up In Flames Anthology

Harlequin HQN - June 2014

Contemporary Romance

Up In Flames is an anthology containing two Lori Foster reprints. Body Heat was issued in Harlequin Temptation #739 and was loosely connected to the other novella in the book, which was written by Elda Minger.

Adam Stone had everything prepared. The paperwork he carried would ensure a future that he had worked on so hard for his family. They had all worked hard, and he did not intend to allow anything to distract him. On a boat to his destination with several scantily clad women, they held no allure. However there was one woman, covered up more than probably all the other women combined, that captured his interest. It was when he finally saw her face that he recognized her. And she apparently remembered him.

Melanie Tucker just wanted to get away from everyone. Instead, she was stuck on a boat with partiers and a man who had yet to call her by her name. He always called her Mel, not Melanie as she corrected him. He had always tormented her. But he came through big time when a storm unexpectedly causes havoc and Melanie falls overboard. What a hero Adam was jumping in to save her. Then he rescued them both by getting them to land.

Adam had no intention of telling her the truth of why he ended up in the water with her. They were stranded on a deserted island and they were going to have to just make the best of things.

Body Heat was a funny short romantic romp. From watching Melanie flounder in the water - ok, it was only funny because we knew Adam would save them - to a pilfering pelican, Body Heat was a quick, entertaining read. The only drawback was understanding why either Melanie or Adam allowed themselves to be in this predicament. Suggestion: Wear a life vest if you are going to sit at the side of a boat during a storm.

Kathy Andrico -


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