Some Like It Hot

Brava Novella Series - Book 2

Short Story in Perfect For the Beach Anthology

By Lori Foster

Brava - June 2005


Reissued in Give It Up Anthology

Zebra - December 2015

Contemporary Romance

Give It Up is an anthology containing three Lori Foster reprints. He Sees You When You're Sleeping was issued in Jingle Bell Rock Anthology, Some Like It Hot was issued in Perfect For the Beach Anthology, and Playing Doctor was issued in When Good Things Happen to Bad Boys Anthology. The three stories are a complete trilogy.

Cary Rupert had been striking out - for almost a year. That was how long he'd known Nora Chilton who worked at his best friend's office. And that was how long he'd wanted her. When he approached in simply a friendly manner, she was engaging, fun, and everything he wanted. But as soon as he tried to change his approach, she turned him down and her attitude flipped. And after another rejection, Cary had decided that was the final time. Of course, he'd said that after the previous rejections as well.

Nora knew she wasn't well versed when it came to men, but she knew that Cary wouldn't give her what she wanted. She had traditional dreams, and wanted marriage, children. A family. She was certain a man like Cary wouldn't want them.

What she didn't realize was that a man like Cary might want them, but only with the right woman.

Some Like It Hot was a sweet yet sexy short romance. Poor Cary. Life had not prepared him for a woman like Nora. She wasn't going to be impressed with any of his typical moves. To win her, Cary would need to show her the man he was, and that he did have dreams of the future. With her. Some Like It Hot is the second in a trilogy, which involves two brothers, Booker and Axel, and Axel's best friend Cary. Although Booker, the hero in the first book, as well as Axel are in this story, Some Like It Hot does stand on its own.

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