Buckhorn Brothers Series - Book #13

By Lori Foster

HQN - June 2020

Contemporary Romance

Briana Kasper knew where her interest lay, and it was with Jax Remmy. Not just because of his great looks, but the more she learned about him, the more she realized what a great guy he really was. He was dedicated to his responsibilities, whether it was for his job or his siblings. Unfortunately, Jax was proving to be a little hard to get.

Briana might have turned Jax's eye once, but he didn't have time for any relationships other than with his younger siblings. Their parents had recently died, and he was now their guardian. But Briana was everywhere he turned, and soon, she was involved in all their lives.

Just as if she was always meant to be there.

Lori Foster's charity Buckhorn Brothers novellas have been an annual highlight of mine, and Jax is no exception. First, it is enjoyable revisiting characters that have spanned so many books. Better it is an enjoyable romance. Jax is a caring hero trying his hardest with his siblings. Being their guardian is such a difference than being simply an older sibling, plus they are all struggling with their grief and added responsibilities. Briana is familiar with family complexities, and even more, family love. Jax is another fun return to Buckhorn.

Kathy Andrico - KathysReviewCorner.com