Buckhorn Brothers Series - Book #12

By Lori Foster

HQN - June 2019

Contemporary Romance

April Kasper was haunted by the memory of Boone Barton. She had still been a teenager when the older Boone had attracted her interest, and it hadn't diminished in the five years he had been absent from Buckhorn. When Boone returns, she immediately seeks him out, intending a little retribution. But Boone quickly turns the tables on her, and his wit, quick thinking, and care of his dog just adds to his attraction.

Five years earlier, Boone hadn't been right for April. He'd been a troublemaker and was leaving Buckhorn. She'd been too young. But now, everything seemed perfect. Except for the annoying fact that April had some dates. Well, Boone had matured, was buying his own business, and was patient. The best things were worth waiting for, and Boone was quick to realize April was the best for him.

And he didn't need any of her interfering relatives to help him in that department.

I always enjoy supporting charity novellas, and revisiting favorite characters. Lori Foster's charity Buckhorn Brothers novellas exemplify that. Boone is another fun visit with the Buckhorns. Boone is dealing with some memories and the recent loss of his father. April may not have realized that she had been waiting all this time for him to return, but once these two are together again, it is obvious that nothing will keep them apart. I hope that Ms Foster continues to gift us with this opportunity to revisit the Buckhorns while helping animals.

Kathy Andrico -