A Buckhorn Baby

Buckhorn Brothers Series - Book #10

By Lori Foster

HQN - June 2017

Contemporary Romance

Amber Hudson was quite happy with her matchmaking successes. She had put her touches in her brother and cousins courtships, and they were all in blissful relationships. Now, she too had exactly who she wanted, Noel Poet. A firefighter who worked for her brother. A hero. Her hero. A man she would like to someday start a family with. He was now part of their family, although he always seemed a bit overwhelmed at their gatherings. Then there was his reaction to an announcement she made, and Amber began to worry things may not turn out just as blissful for herself as she had hoped.

Noel knew that being in Amber's life meant being in the middle of the chaos of her family, and he was willing to accept that. He did like them all, it was just all of them all at once sometimes was a bit much. Then there was that announcement, and Amber was nothing if not sharp. Her mind was just one of the things he loved about her, but after their talk about his reaction, everything changed. Amber somehow had a way of managing her family and corralling them into her way of thinking, while sometimes allowing them the misbelief it was their idea all the time. He had no intention of allowing her headstrong ways to push him out of her life. They had a future, they were one. She was his, no matter what life threw at them.

I always enjoy supporting charity novellas, and Lori Foster's charity Buckhorn Brothers novellas are among my favorites. Not only do we get to revisit favorite characters, but we get a new romance. And in A Buckhorn Baby, we finally get Amber and Noel's romance. We've seen glimpses of their courtship during the other novellas, and in the last story, A Buckhorn Bachelor Noel finally took the upperhand and some of us might have thought they were on track to their happily ever after. But Noel has some ghosts in his past that is holding him back, and Amber can't allow his fears to keep her from following her dreams. Especially after one phone call changes her life forever.

Kathy Andrico - KathysReviewCorner.com