Fast Burn

Body Armor Series - Book 4

By Lori Foster

HQN - March 2018

Contemporary Romance

Fast Burn is the fourth story in Lori Foster's Body Armor series. This new series follows Ms Foster's Ultimate series and is tied to additional ones. If you want to read everything in order, start with her SBC series, then read the following, Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor series, Love Undercover series, the short story Hard Knocks which is the prequel to the Ultimate series. Then comes the new Body Armor series.

Sahara Silver knew what she wanted. She knew what she believed. She wanted Brand Berry, both for herself, and as another bodyguard in the company she had inherited from her brother. She believed that her brother wasn't dead. She didn't have any particular evidence other than the fact that they had never found his body, but she just never felt that he was dead. She was less confident when it came to Brand. He seemed attracted to her, but he kept telling her no when she asked him to come work for her. He was perfect for being a bodyguard. An MMA fighter, just like the other men she had hired. Capable, strong, sexy. Perfect for the high profile cases she assigned them to.

Brand's reticence to join her team became a secondary issue when she was kidnapped. The men who took her seemed to also believe that her brother was still alive. Whether she believed anything a kidnapper said was debatable, but someone had definitely attacked her brother, and now she was a target. And Brand was stepping up to be her defender, and more.

In Fast Burn readers finally see Sahara and Brand navigate threats and other obstacles to be together. I enjoyed the romance between Sahara and Brand and the revelations that had been hinted at in previous stories. The only issue is that some readers might not appreciate Sahara's attitude to her brother's employees and how she only assigned her good looking MMA ex-fighters to high profile cases where they could be showcased. Body Armor has been an enjoyable series, and I am sorry to see it end.

Kathy Andrico -


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