Close Contact

Body Armor Series - Book 3

By Lori Foster

HQN - December 2017

Contemporary Romance

Close Contact is the third story in Lori Foster's Body Armor series. This new series follows Ms Foster's Ultimate series and is tied to additional ones. If you want to read everything in order, start with her SBC series, then read the following, Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor series, Love Undercover series, the short story Hard Knocks which is the prequel to the Ultimate series. Then comes the new Body Armor series.

Maxi Nevar was scared. She'd thought things were happening in, and around, her home, but when she awoke outside, she knew she'd been poisoned. Someone had managed to come into her home, poison her, and move her while unconscious out of her house. She hadn't planned to ever see Miles Dartman again, but he was the only person she believed she could turn to for help.

Miles had never expected to see Maxi again. They'd gotten together, but she'd made it clear that she only wanted casual... and to disappear. Which she had effectively accomplished. But when she appeared, so vulnerable, at their office, Miles knew that his feelings for Maxi were much more than casual. He would find who was perpetuating the attacks on Maxi, and in the process, he would prove to her just how perfect they were together.

Close Contact was a fun story full of romance, friends and suspense. Miles and Maxi were both fascinating, and made a wonderful couple. I loved how Maxi embraced the legacy of her grandmother's home and property, as well as her dedication to the innumerable cats living on the property. It was entertaining to see Miles jump into the chaos of Maxi's life. I loved visiting with old friends, and the suspense built slowly. I was surprised, however, by a couple of their choices, especially considering the known risk to Maxi. I look forward to the next story in the Body Armor series.

Kathy Andrico -


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