An Honorable Man

Short Story in Men of Courage II Anthology

By Lori Foster

Harlequin Signature Select Collection - February 2005

Contemporary Romance

Lieutenant Colonel Hamilton Wulf. He was everything Liv wanted in a man. He was honorable, dedicated, and, she knew, wanted to make a life with her. The only problem was the first two words that were placed before his name and identified who he was and what he did. She had always been second in priority for her father. She refused to be put in that same postition again with a husband.

Liv Avery. The only woman he loved and the woman he was certain loved him back. For years, Ham had been hitting a wall when it came to Liv. Military was a part of who he was, but Liv's dad had made her abhor the idea of marrying a military man. But he had worked out a plan he was certain she wouldn't be able to refuse. He would find a way to be able to show her he could give her everything she wanted in life, even if he was in the military. What worried him when he sees her again is that maybe, just maybe, she was able to find happiness without him.

An Honorable Man is one of my all-time favorite stories. Ham is the perfect hero. Not only a military hero, but he is "oh-so-in-love" with his heroine. Liv is a wonderful heroine who has justifiable fears in committing to a man who is career military. I simply adore this story, and re-read it every time I come across the book.

An Honorable Man is a short story in the Men of Courage II Anthology. Also included are Donna Kauffman's Blown Away and Jill Shalvis's Perilous Waters.

Kathy Andrico -