I'll Be There For You

By Ellen Fisher

Samhain - June 2006

Contemporary Romance

Best Friends tell each other everything, but there were some things Alexander Frost simply didn't want to know about his best friend Jeri Winston. The fact that she didn't find him at all attractive was something he had always known. But knowing how much she lusted after men he decidedly did not resemble was almost more than he could handle.

Jeri had no idea what the problem was lately with Xander. Granted she may have pushed the limits of their friendship with inviting Connor to live with him, but Xander should know how much this meant to her. After all, he had witnessed the humiliation her life had been their senior year.

How Xander ended up with Connor Addison living in his apartment, he could firmly blame on Jeri. Xander had been interested in Jeri even back in high school, but she had only had eyes for Connor. Now Connor was back in town, and Jeri had decided to make her move.

I absolutely am a sucker for a Best Friends romance. I'll Be There For You is a heart-string tugger. Alexander is so in love with Jeri, but, physically, he's invisible to her. Xander is the most important person in the world to Jeri, but she has to heal her self-esteem that had been badly damaged in the past to get a good look at herself, and Xander.

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