A Purrfect Touch

Sequel to A Purrfect Love

By Patti Fischer

The Wild Rose Press - March 2008

Contemporary Romance

Brock Singer was staying at his brother's while Ben and his new bride were on their honeymoon. He was there in part to watch their cat. He was also there to hide out from the media. He hadn't known how much more difficult Molly the cat could be than the media.

Jennifer Thompson knew she shouldn't be up on the roof with her dog Chewie, and she'd had to use a chair to keep the door propped open. That was until the scantily glad guy came bumbling through the doorway and knocked over the chair. Now she was stuck up on the roof, in the cold, with one hunk of a stranger.

A Purrfect Touch was the perfect sequel for A Purrfect Love. Brock is a jock who has become somewhat jaded with his life. He truly enjoys being up on the roof with Jennifer, not only because he is attracted to her, but also since she doesn't immediately recognize him. It allows him to simply be himself, Brock, not Star Quarterback Brock. This time, Molly has a co-conspirator, Chewie, and A Purrfect Touch is just as sweet and enjoyable as I anticipated. Perhaps Molly will come back again for future matchmaking in the apartment complex? I can only hope.

Kathy Andrico - KathysReviewCorner.com