The Twilight Before Christmas

Drake Sisters Series - Book 2

By Christine Feehan

Pocket - November 2003

Paranormal Romance

Kate Drake was home, and Matt Granite managed to have another car wreck. Things like that always seemed to happen to him when he was around her. Perhaps it was because once she was in his line of sight, nothing else mattered. Even years earlier, when their age difference was actually an issue, he'd been attracted to her. Now, they were both adults, she was home again, and he was more than willing to woo her.

Whenever Matt was around her, she felt like a klutz. She tried to appear in control, mature, but even the morning when she ran into him, she really ran into him - or at least his car door. Kate has decided to renovate the old mill, and has asked for Matt's assistance. What she doesn't count on is Matt's determination to win her.

But the Drake sisters are different and something has been awakened. The fog drifts in with determined purpose. The children are all having the same nightmare. Something appears to have a grudge against Christmas. The Drake sisters will need their combined powers to even attempt to save the town. Her fear is, will Matt be able to accept her as she is?

This is the second story of the Magical Drake sisters - the first was Magic in the Wind which is found in the Lover Beware anthology. Great characterization, fast-paced, suspenseful - this story contains everything we expect from Christine Feehan. I am looking forward to the next 5 stories.

Kathy Andrico -