Rocky Mountain Miracle

Short Story in Shadows of Christmas Past Anthology

By Christine Feehan

Pocket Star Books - November 2004

Paranormal Romance

Dark. Sexy. With eyes that penetrated to the depths of her soul. More important to Maia Armstrong, eyes that reflected the look of a wounded animal, and Maia could never resist any animal in trouble. With rumors of a troubled past, maybe even prison, Cole Steele was a man who she should stay away from, but Maia was drawn to him by a force stronger than she could resist.

Yet resist him she must. Maia had long ago learned that she couldn't trust people. She had a secret that turned people away from her. She was considered a freak, so she had learned only to trust animals. They trusted her, and never betrayed her. They communicated with her in a way she couldn't explain, and it was soon obvious that they were warning her away from Cole's ranch.

Cole knew that he wanted Maia, and he planned to have her, for one night. That was all he was capable of giving a woman. He had ghosts in his past that haunted him. He also had a newly discovered brother who needed his guidance. With the unsolved murder of his father, a man with enemies which included his two sons, Cole needed to focus on the troubles at home. But when a snowstorm strands Maia with the Steele brothers, she learns that perhaps she had been given the best Christmas present ever.

A master of creating original storylines and capable of relentlessly gripping her reader's imaginations and never letting go, Christine Feehan is a leader in the genre of paranormal romance. The author of the exceptional Carpathian series, Ms Feehan has written a powerful romance of two people who have distanced themselves from others, but find home in one another.

This romance is in The Shadows of Christmas Past anthology with Susan Sizemore's A Touch of Harry. Ms Sizemore is the author of an exiting new vampire series involving the Primes. This romance is not about a Prime, but an Alpha of another sort. The "were" sort. This anthology is a must for any paranormal romance reader.

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