Magic in the Wind

Drake Sisters Series - Book 1

Short Story in Lover Beware Anthology

By Christine Feehan

Berkley - July 2003

Paranormal Romance

Everywhere he went, he heard the whispers... "Sarah's Back." It was said in the stores, mentioned on the streets, and whispered on the wind. Damon Wilder had moved to this small town just a month ago, but he had no idea who this Sarah was. He typically eschewed the gossip mill, preferring to honor a person's privacy, yet he inexplicably found himself interested, trying to glean as much information as possible, while not appearing to do so. When he arrives home from town, he convinces himself that the reason he is going to visit his newly returned neighbor is to simply ask a question, he would never admit that he was incapable of resisting the lure drawing him to that house, and Sarah.

He was the one. He was her answer to the prophecy. Sarah knew it the moment that she saw him, and he told her that the gate had been open. He was a newcomer to the town, and although she had been absent for some time, she knew all there was to know about him. Most important, she knew there was a darkness about him. Death hovered near. She and her sisters would need their combined abilities to keep their town, and the man who was her destiny, safe from harm.

This is the first story in Christine Feehan's saga of seven magical sisters. (I am assuming that each sister will have her own story, I could only find reference to one sequel so far.) As we can expect from her, this story has secondary characters - each with their own distinct characteristics. Ms Feehan continues to exceed expectations, and this story has the perfect mix of suspense, romance, humor, familial relationships, and magic. This story is part of an anthology consisting of four works of suspense.

Kathy Andrico -