Hidden Currents

Drake Sisters Series - Book 7

By Christine Feehan

Jove - July 2009

Paranormal Romance

This is Book 7 of Christine Feehan's Drake Sisters series. These stories have been tightly connected, and it is advisable to read the series in order. Also, this review will have spoilers from previous books.

Elle Drake. The baby of the Drake sisters, yet the most powerful. The one with all the powers, and responsible for the succession of their line. Born to become the mother of the next seven magical daughters. She knew her destiny. And Jackson Deveau knew her legacy, and he had turned her away.

They had come together years earlier. Not in body, but through their minds. When Jackson had been held captive, Elle had talked to him, kept him sane, and forced him to survive. Later, he had come to Sea Haven, and they had finally met in person. Yet he had kept his distance, and Elle chose to put herself in dangerous situations to help others.

Now, she is in trouble, and only together with her family can they overcome it. She and Jackson. Joley and Ilya. Hannah and Jonas. Libby and Ty. Abby and Aleksandr. Kate and Matt. And Sarah and Damon.

Hidden Currents was a superb finish to the Drake sisters. My favorite stories have been when we see all the sisters together, watching the interaction between their men, and finding out if Jonas is still losing his hats. This is an intense read due to the trauma that Elle must overcome. With the youngest sister's story finally finished, Christine Feehan has only whetted her fan's appetite to know what will be next.

Kathy Andrico - KathysReviewCorner.com


FTC Disclaimer: I personally purchased this book. However, this website only posts "good" reviews.