Dark Symphony

Carpathians "Dark" Series - Book 10

By Christine Feehan

Jove - March 2003

Vampire (Carpathians) Romance

The Best One Yet. I should leave the review at that, as no review can fully comprehend the magnitude of the world Christine Feehan has created, and the depth that her readers feel for these stories. And yet, Ms Feehan continues to improve with each book. This is the 10th book about the Carpathians, and it also ties in the Scarletti descendants from The Scarletti Curse. It is a story that can be read independently - but why would anyone want to ruin the pleasure of reading this fantastic saga from the beginning (Dark Prince)?

Byron. Carpathian. Alone. Having sent himself into his own self-inflicted exile, Byron had become a hunter. As with all ancient Carpathian males, he had long ago lost the ability to see in color, to feel emotion. Instead, he wrapped the memories of his feelings and his honor tightly to him, in order to stay the ever persistent calling of darkness. Then he heard her. Her music called to him. She gave him the ability to see colors, and feel emotions again. She was his lifemate - his for all eternity.

But he had made a mistake before, and he had seen what other Carpathian males with human mates had done. He chose to not immediately stake his claim. He came to her in the night. Watching. Listening as she created her music. Always needing her. But then her life, and the lives of her family are threatened, and that changes everything. He will protect his lifemate. He will protect the children. He will find out who is stalking the Scarletti family, and protect them from whoever the predator is, whether they be a stranger, or someone living within the Scarletti palazzo walls.

Kathy Andrico - ReaderToReader.com