Dark Slayer

Carpathians "Dark" Series - Book 20

By Christine Feehan

Berkley Hardcover - September 2009

Vampire (Carpathians) Romance

She was a myth to the vampires. A legend. A female, Carpathian, Slayer. Rumored to have been pieced together after being viciously ripped apart. Only the dead vampires knew the truth. She was real, beautiful to behold, and quick to kill. She was Ivory Malinov. A huntress. A slayer. Alone in the world, until the night she stumbled upon the bane of any female Carpathian's existence - her lifemate.

He was the enemy of the Carpathians. The beloved brother of Natalya who worked with the greatest enemy of not only the Carpathians, but to all in the world, Xavier. But it had all been lies, an illusion wrought by the evil mage. Razvan, of the Dragonseeker lineage, had not turned. He had instead surrendered himself to protect his sister. He had been possessed by Xavier when evil had been perpetuated with his body. He had kept his honor, and intended to follow his honor to death, for Xavier could take him over at any time.

Neither welcomes the feelings a lifemate can bring, but they both acknowledge their connection. Together they have a better chance at defeating the mage, but they face other more immediate challenges - including the prince, and his bodyguard, Gregori, who will defend Mikhail against anything, and anyone. Razvan and Ivory's pasts make them distrust the Carpathians, and they have both spent centuries alone, and prefer their solitude.

Dark Slayer was an action packed emotional addition to Christine Feehan's Dark series. Razvan feels tremendous guilt for what was done with his body, regardless that it was against his will. Much he remembers, and although he could not do anything to stop it, he stills feels the responsibility. Ivory had been utterly betrayed by her people, and later by her brothers who had turned vampire. She did not know the fate of the De La Cruz brothers, to whom she had been a little sister, fearing they had followed that same tragic fate. She had been mutilated, and it had taken years, centuries, to heal, and become the fighter she was. Together, Razvan and Ivory can heal themselves, and bring hope to the Carpathian people.

Kathy Andrico - ReaderToReader.com