Carpathians "Dark" Series - Book 15

By Christine Feehan

Jove - February 2005

Vampire (Carpathians) Romance

Since the introduction of the Carpathians in Dark Prince, Christine Feehan has riveted readers with a series that simply is beyond compare. Each story has built in intensity and emotion, weaving an intricate storyline that has readers begging for more. In Dark Secret, the readers meet a second Carpathian of the De La Cruz family. His brother, Riordan, had met his mate in Dark Hunger. Although this is the fifteenth book in the Carpathian saga, and reading all of the books would be recommended, try to at least read Dark Hunger. Not only is it a short story, but it would give good background for this hero.

From the moment he saw her, Rafael De La Cruz knew he had found his lifemate. For the first time in centuries, he could see color, and he could feel the love he had for his brothers, and the members of the Chavez family. But Colby Jansen was human, not Carpathian, and he had definitely not made a good impression on her. After all, he was there to take her younger brother and sister to another country.

Colby Jansen had worked hard to keep the ranch for her younger siblings. The three of them only had each other, and there was no way she was going to let those men take Paul and Ginny. After all, where had they been when her father had written to his family begging their help? Not here.

Now, suddenly they appear, just as evil seems to have reawakened in the area. Colby had noticed little, perhaps insignificant details, but the fact that their ranch hand had disappeared was not a prank. Colby did not think it a far stretch to consider that De La Cruz might be responsible. But his insistent voice in her mind, and the compelling urge she felt to become one with him body and soul whispered that maybe he was the only salvation that she had.

Ms Feehan has added more twists to the Carpathian Family Tree. And speaking of the Tree, there is one included at the beginning of the book that I suggest you not read until after you have finished the story. There was a little spoiler given, but it does help in refreshing the memories of the readers. As we can expect with Ms Feehan, this book is simply exceptional.

Kathy Andrico - ReaderToReader.com