Dark Possession

Carpathians "Dark" Series - Book18

By Christine Feehan

Berkley Hardcover - September 2007

Vampire (Carpathians) Romance

After a grievous injury at the Christmas Celebration back in his homeland of the Carpathian Mountains, Manolito De La Cruz found himself somewhere, but he couldn't figure out where he was. There were shadows, and evil, and he did not know where his brothers were. He was seeing ghosts from his past, but they were lies. The one thing he did know as truth was that he had a lifemate. He could see in color. He knew she was out there, he could feel her. She was waiting for him, and he would conquer whatever poison, spell, or dream he was in to find her.

MaryAnn Delaney was depressed. After all, she had seen Manolito die at the party and had felt an immense grief. An inexplicable grief, considering she had never met him. But Manolito was not dead. He was out, in the jungle, and in danger.

There are many enemies pursing their group. The vampires, mages and jaguar men seem to be working together, attacking Jasmine and Solange, the two women MaryAnn had come to help. Also, Manolito must face ancient friends from the past who are now plotting evil.

Through it all, Manolito and Mary Ann must learn how to live together as lifemates, but also find the truth about MaryAnn's heritage. She must be psychic to be a lifemate, but she says that she isn't. However at many turns, she is told that she is using powers the others don't know or understand. Only together can Manolito and MaryAnn find the truth, conquer their enemies, and find a life together as true lifemates.

Wow, Dark Possession really is full of surprises, which of course, I am not spoiling here. There are new facets to the world that are unveiled, as well as characters it was surprising and exciting to meet. I loved MaryAnn's city girl approach to living in the jungle. Give a girl some pepper spray, and she can fight by her man! There is also a very cool new twist to the Carpathians that I was anticipating, and am eager to see when and to whom it will happen next.

Kathy Andrico - KathysReviewCorner.com