Dark Melody

Carpathians "Dark" Series - Book 12

By Christine Feehan

Leisure - November 2003

Vampire (Carpathians) Romance

Emotional. Powerful. Entrancing. Epic. Paranormal romance at its best. These are just some adjectives that can describe the Dark Saga by Christine Feehan. This is a world where vampires are more evil than anything you see in nightmares, and love is more binding than you may think possible. This is the world of the Carpathians - a powerful race of people who live among mortals, but are not. The men lose their emotions, ability to see color, and risk becoming the most evil of all creatures - a vampire - unless they find, and bind themselves to, their lifemate. This is a saga which should be read in sequential order so that the reader may fully appreciate the magic of Christine Feehan. The first story is Dark Prince

Dayan had lived centuries. He was a strong Carpathian male who acknowledged Darius as his leader and considered his bandmates to be his family. Together they had survived in the wilds as children, triumphed over vampires who threatened the women, and found their lifemates. All of them had found lifemates, except him. Struggling with the ever growing darkness spreading inside him, Dayan was traveling with Cullen, a human under the protection of their family.

One evening, he was performing on the stage, singing one of his songs. He had written his songs for her. He sang them for her - the one that his soul called for. His lifemate. And then, there she was, sitting with a friend. Suddenly, he could see in colors, and he could feel emotions - abilities he had lost centuries ago.

Corinne Wentworth was the one who could save him, but could he save her? She had a heart condition which threatened her life, but the fact that she was pregnant complicated the matter. Dayan could not perform the traditional Carpathian rituals without risking the life of her child. But time was running out, and her heart may not last long enough to save the precious baby, and the greatest Carpathian healers, along with Dayan's family, must work together to save all three of them.

Humerous, poingnant, romantic. This one has it all. I do not think it is possible for any review to fully convey the utter enthrallment the reader experiences when reading any story by Christine Feehan. Each story continues to improve upon the prior. She is an exceptional storyteller, and I reiterate what I stated above. When you read a book by Christine Feehan, you are reading a paranormal at its best.

Kathy Andrico - ReaderToReader.com