Dark Demon

Carpathians "Dark" Series - Book16

By Christine Feehan

Jove - April 2006

Vampire (Carpathians) Romance

Vikirnoff Von Shrieder was searching for a woman. She was in trouble, and he was duty bound to find her. But what he truly needed was his lifemate. He was very close to turning. Centuries without emotions or color, simply endless years of battling the vampires who had once been friends.

Then suddenly she was in his head, and he could see in color. He could feel emotions. He knew he finally had a lifemate. This was something he had wanted for years, the perfect woman to be his mate.

Natalya Shonski knew she was anything but what Vikirnoff wanted in a mate. Where he wanted Donna Reed, Natalya was a warrior in her own right. She battled the vampire. She protected the weak. She had a unique heritage. Natalya was also the woman whose background might just hold the answers to the problems besieging the Carpathians.

This series just gets better and better. In Dark Demon, Christine Feehan returns to the setting of Dark Descent and the cave that Traian and Joie were in. I loved Vikirnoff's exasperation with Natalya's unwillingness to stay out of battle, and his pride that his mate was such an amazing warrior. We learn more of the mage, and there are surprises on virtually every page. A climatic scene will have consequences felt in future books. I impatiently await those stories.

Kathy Andrico - KathysReviewCorner.com