Burning Wild

Leopard Series - Book 3

By Christine Feehan

Jove - May 2009

Paranormal Romance

From his earliest memories, Jake Bannaconni had known abuse. The physical, psychological and emotional abuse molded him into the man he had become. A ruthless businessman, merciless in his plotting against his enemies, and almost callous in his regards to others.

But he had been led into a trap, and now he had a son who needed protection, not just from his enemies, but from his own lack of caring. He recognized his inability to love his son, but was determined to protect him, and find someone who could.

She was Emma Reynolds, and from the moment he saw her, he wanted her. He used every means at his disposal to corner her into a position where she saw him as her only option. Emma would come to his ranch, love his son, and ultimately love him.

He never expected to be ensnared by love as well.

Burning Wild was an intense, wild addition to Ms Feehan's Leopard series. A man with many enemies, Jake trusted few. His leopard senses had aided his rise in business, but he sometimes found it difficult to contain the violent untamed passions writhing inside him. Emma calmed his leopard half, but also provoked a fierce protectiveness. For her part, Emma saw the gentle, caring man hidden behind the facade. Jake may not admit it himself, felt he paid for loyalty, but Emma realized he earned it by his actions.

Kathy Andrico - ReaderToReader.com