The Awakening

Leopard Series - Book 1

Short Story in Fantasy Anthology

By Christine Feehan

Jove - April 2002

Paranormal Romance

Maggie Odessa had promised her adoptive mother never to return to her birth parents' home, but soon after her death, Maggie learned that she had an estate in the rain forests. Being able to travel to Borneo, and live in such an environment was a temptation the exotic animals' veterinarian couldn't resist.

Upon arrival, Maggie's senses began to increase. She could hear every insect. She became aware of her body, the movement of her clothing over her skin. She was aroused. Her voice seductive. It was as though she was experiencing an awakening.

For years, Brandt Talbot had searched for her. Once he found her, he had planned every last detail. He lured her to her home. He eliminated all avenues of escape. She was here. She was his. She was his mate.

The Awakening was a sultry romance between a shape-shifter and his mate. Ms Feehan's vivid descriptions will make the readers feel as if they are surrounded by the lush rain forest and wildlife. This new species of people are intriguing, and I am eager to learn more about them.

Kathy Andrico -