The Dragon of Croatia

By Valerie Everhart

The Wild Rose Press - 2008

Paranormal Romance

Between assignments, Calie Stewart was vacationing in Croatia. It was just her, the sun, the beach, and some time to go caving in the hopes of finding unknown passages, and perhaps treasures. This was all done legally, with the hopes of finding unknown artifacts.

Instead, Calie finds a tablet which releases a dragon.

Gavriel Dimitrios was a dragon who protected his people of Croatia. Every one hundred years, he is summoned and helps stop the smugglers looting the Croatian heritage. He is uncertain where Calie stands. He suspected that she was more than just a teacher on holiday, and he feared that she may be in league with the smugglers.

Either way, there was no denying the intense attraction the two felt for each other.

The action started at the first page of The Dragon of Croatia, and didn't let up until the end. It covers land, beach, water and cave. Gavriel is a hero who is determined to help his people, but can't be blinded by passion. Calie is an independent heroine equally capable of doing her part. There were a few times that I felt a bit more detail was needed, but this can be attributed to being a new author. I am most intrigued by the upcoming stories Valerie Everhart has planned. Overall, I enjoyed the ride that was The Dragon of Croatia.

Kathy Andrico -